Top Three Spots Claimed
11/19/2019, 23:41:12 GMT by Frosty

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places have been claimed for The Epic of Alexander. Updates will continue here at least until after the weekend. The news posts however will slow down as I put a focus on improving the website overall. Congratz to MOOF and an unnamed team claiming 2nd and 3rd place!

Love is Power
11/18/2019, 12:48:15 GMT by Frosty

The hidden mechanic most groups were missing, golden heart, has now been found. The clock for the next teams to clear Ultimate is ticking. The site here unfortunately will be updated slowly, but the spreadsheet will be updated rather quickly for the time being. Also, if you want to check out the interview with Thoughts per Second that happened Saturday, please click on the link below!

Interview w/ Thoughts per Second

No Second Clear in 24 hours
11/17/2019, 09:01:28 GMT by Frosty

It's been over 24 hours since the World First clear from Thoughts Per Second, and still no signs of another team clearing. However, streams have started venturing deeper into Phase 4 of the fight to the point of seeing multiple Perfect Alexanders on the sidelines. You can check it out in the link below.

Multiple Perfect Alexanders

More News..

The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate)

Race Starts 2019-11-12 10:00 GMT

# Static FC/LS Server Region Time
Thoughts Per Second Radiance Gilgamesh NA 11/16/2019, 07:26:00
MOOF Elvellon Tonberry JP 11/19/2019, 20:19:00
(none) (none) Gaia DC JP 11/19/2019, 21:38:00
CloudPlayer (none) Asura JP 11/20/2019, 07:26:00
Mental Boomers (none) Aether DC NA 11/20/2019, 07:27:00
Outlanders (none) Mana DC JP 11/20/2019, 13:16:00
Tivoli without Kirrana Kirrana's Tivoli Cerberus EU 11/20/2019, 16:08:00
Celestial Being SOX Mana DC JP 11/20/2019, 16:29:00
Taka Pasu (none) Mana DC JP 11/20/2019, 16:34:00
E.D.H. (none) Elemental DC JP 11/20/2019, 16:36:00
Banana Yogurt Ensemble Ragnarok EU 11/20/2019, 16:41:00
Lali-ho (none) Titan JP 11/20/2019, 16:43:00
One Ace (none) Tiamat JP 11/20/2019, 17:23:00
Undercutters Sanctum Odin EU 11/20/2019, 20:52:00
No Hit (none) Faerie NA 11/21/2019, 05:28:00
Another Sign Another Sign Ifrit JP 11/21/2019, 10:49:00
??? (none) Mana DC JP 11/21/2019, 12:05:00
Cresendo (none) Titan JP 11/21/2019, 12:20:00
Eighth Burnt Offering gomene Ixion JP 11/21/2019, 12:38:00
Jet Black (none) Bahamut JP 11/21/2019, 14:26:00
GAUNTLET Graveyard Chocobo JP 11/21/2019, 16:07:00
Bacon Lettuce Tomato Aeon Jenova NA 11/22/2019, 02:30:00
alpha, beta, noose, y (none) Aether DC NA 11/22/2019, 05:31:00
GodKimchi Doghouse Atomos JP 11/22/2019, 14:08:00
Moco Scarlet #1 (none) Gaia DC JP 11/22/2019, 14:37:00
Ultima Online (none) Ultima JP 11/22/2019, 15:55:00
Abysm Abysm Exodus NA 11/22/2019, 19:22:00
-Lutz- -Lutz- Gaia DC JP 11/23/2019, 07:07:00
GR12 (none) Gaia DC JP 11/23/2019, 10:25:00
Unreal Unreal Behemoth NA 11/23/2019, 13:17:00
7/8 (none) Odin EU 11/23/2019, 15:37:00
Realforce (none) Chocobo JP 11/23/2019, 16:57:00
Song's Jinligyo Loot Asura JP 11/24/2019, 08:07:00
Sanchichiru (none) Titan JP 11/24/2019, 11:36:00
No Hine (none) Aegis JP 11/24/2019, 13:21:00
The Pure (none) Atomos JP 11/24/2019, 14:29:00
Kotatsu de tangerine (none) Chocobo JP 11/24/2019, 14:29:00
Alex's Rice Farm (none) Chaos DC EU 11/24/2019, 16:10:00
Recovery League (none) Excalibur NA 11/24/2019, 19:57:00
Recovery League (none) excalibur NA 11/24/2019, 19:57:00
goinape Elysium Gilgamesh NA 11/25/2019, 02:48:00
Cookie Factory (none) Cactuar NA 11/25/2019, 04:23:00
Last Pull Aeon Jenova NA 11/25/2019, 05:59:00